Al Ameed Coffee

Our Story

A Journey of Passion, Excellence, and Great Coffee. At Al-Ameed Coffee, it is not just about a cup of coffee. It’s about experiencing the craft and passion behind the making of every cup. We roast, grind, and compare. We sip, taste, and repeat. All so we can offer you the best-tasting cup possible, every time. The story of Al-Ameed Coffee begins in 1973, when we decided to turn our passion and respect for coffee into a business, with the opening of a small coffee-roasting store.

We spent those early years pouring all our passion and energy into developing our blend's unique taste profiles and on perfecting the process of coffee making: we took a whole new approach to making coffee, one that focuses on rich, intricately-layered blends. Our process – still the core of Al-Ameed Coffee even today – starts with carefully selecting the finest Arabica beans, meticulously controlling the heat and air circulation during roasting for enhanced taste, and then instantly packaging the coffee to preserve the deep, rich aroma Al-Ameed Coffee is so famous for.

In 2010, business took a new turn. We steered investment into new facilities and hired technicians, focusing on expansion and modernization, while maintaining the craft behind the roasting process.

From that little first store, with a delicate but effective balance of love for coffee and the drive for growth, Al-Ameed Coffee quickly expanded. It gained a distinguished reputation, with an export market that today covers the US, Canada, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Palestine, Holland, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, we continue to be a family business, heirs of a long tradition of love of coffee, where rich tradition, combined with modern procedures in one of the largest production facilities in the Middle East, is the axis on which we base our activity.

Our expertise, long history, and highly-trained team, as well as the use of the latest eco-friendly technology in all stages of the manufacturing process, have made Al-Ameed Coffee synonymous to reliability and quality. We currently operate with the requirements of ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management standards as well as 9001 certification for our high standards of management and production, while maintaining the craft and the passion that goes into making every batch. Good coffee. That’s at the heart of everything we do.